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Louisville Lawn Mowing Services

A beautiful lawn enhances your property’s exterior appeal and provides a welcoming environment for outdoor activities such as sports, cookouts, or simply relaxing in the afternoon. We will build the ideal lawn and care for it throughout the year to keep it looking beautiful and healthy with minimal effort and time.

Each season in the Louisville area has its own set of obstacles for your lawn, but by correctly timing your lawn care, you can ensure that it has everything it requires to thrive.

Contact Straight Edgez Law and Landscape today for help keeping your lawn looking fantastic during the four seasons we have in Louisville, Kentucky. We have the best Louisville Lawn Mowing available.

Louisville Commerical Lawn Mowing
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Spring Lawn care in Louisville KY

Winter can be hard on your lawn, but if you get a head start in the spring, you can ensure that it gets the attention it needs to get off to a good start.

The first step is cleaning everything thoroughly, including removing dead grass, leaves, and waste.

After that, we’ll get ready for new growth by:

  • De-thatching is the process of removing dead grass
  • Providing oxygen and moisture to the soil through aeration (ensure this is before pre-emergent is applied)
  • Provide nutrients; slow-release fertilizer
  • To prevent weed germination, use a pre-emergent
  • Mowing as spring progresses to maintain healthy grass
  • Make sure your irrigation system is turned on
Spring Lawn Care in Louisville KY
our Louisville Lawn mowing and Care Tip

Summer Lawncare in Louisville KY

It will be more challenging to keep the lawn from drying out as the temperatures rise in the summer, and weeds may become more of an issue when they grow more quickly.

Avoid difficulties by:

  • To prevent evaporation, water in the morning and evening.
  • To enhance hydration, use a combination of drip irrigation and spray heads
  • Applying extra fertilizer before the lawn becomes too dry is a good idea
  • Herbicides are used to kill crabgrass and weeds
  • Insecticides are used to kill grubs and other pests
  • Keeping a consistent mowing schedule based on development and climate
Summer Lawn Care in Louisville KY
our Louisville Lawn mowing and Care Tip

Fall Lawncare in Louisville KY

Seeding and fertilizing should be done in the fall since grass grows better in cooler temperatures and develops a more robust root system.

Prepare your grass for cooler weather by doing the following:

  • Seeding the entire lawn, paying particular attention to bare sections
  • For optimum fall nutrition, use nitrogen and potassium-rich fertilizer
  • Providing oxygen and moisture through aeration
  • Allowing sunshine to reach the grass through dethatching and raking leaves
  • Grass and leaves are composted for future use
  • Prevent spring weeds, weeds are pulled, and pesticides are applied
  • Watering and mowing as needed
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Winter Lawncare in Louisville KY

You can start preparing for spring as soon as the first frost arrives by:

  • Then, in the late fall or early winter, cut the grass short
  • Getting rid of any residual leaves
  • Before the first frost, aerate and fertilize
  • Excessive foot traffic should be avoided to avoid damage, especially in cold weather
Winter Lawn Care in Louisville KY

do you have a question?

To have a healthy, lush, and green lawn, you need to know a lot as a homeowner or property owner. You may have common lawn care questions, and we will answer them.

Every week, your lawn requires about an inch of water. This can be achieved through your sprinkler system or natural rainfall, but one inch of water per week is desirable for fertile soil and strong grassroots.

Weekly mowing is recommended during the growing season to keep your lawn looking rich and green all year. However, increasing the time between cuttings will result in more overgrowth and weeds, particularly during the spring and summer months when grass grows much faster.

Typically, cool-season grass is about 2 1/2 inches long. And only cut off about the top third of each grass blade when you mow. As a result, the ideal time to mow your lawn is when it is about 3 2/3 inches tall.

Your grass needs time to recover after each mow because mowing your lawn stresses the grass blades and roots. There is a general mowing rule: never raise or lower more than one-third of the grass blade height with each mowing, even though mowing height varies slightly with the seasons. You expose your lawn’s canopy to more sun and heat when you mow it too short.

The need for light may accelerate weed growth, particularly in the summer. Because tall grass has more plant tissue, it can shade the ground from the sun’s rays, produce more chlorophyll, and retain more moisture. Keep your grass a little longer in warm weather, and in cool weather, it is a little shorter. Speak to your Bergen County lawn care professional if you have questions about the proper mowing heights for your lawn.