Louisville Hardscape

We have the ideal Louisville hardscape solution at Straight Edgez Landscaping for your patio, walkway, garden edging, firepit, and retaining walls.

Louisville Hardscape

Louisville Hardscape Stone Retaining Wall

Everything in your yard, from the patio to the curved walkway, can be easily customized thanks to our variety of pavers and lovely cut flagstone. In addition to carefully cutting flagstone into a one-of-a-kind layout, our skilled staff can give your patio a traditional appearance.

Flagstones differ in shape, size, and thickness from pavers and can add a rustic touch to your yard; they are more varied in size and shape than pavers. For the knee, sitting, and retaining walls, flagstone is a fantastic material option. Flagstone is available in thicknesses ranging from one inch to three inches and has broad flat surfaces on the top and bottom. You can build a natural and distinctive wall at the length of your choice, thanks to the various shapes and sizes.

Louisville hardscape
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Louisville Stone Patio

At Straight Edgez Patio & Landscape Services, We take great pride in creating a paver patio in your backyard that precisely matches your requirements. Unlike most landscaping companies, we do more than just design and construct your brick paver patio. We take the time to learn about your usage goals for your new outdoor area. You can gain from our professional advice and discover how to most effectively realize your dream by telling us how you picture your custom patio.

Throughout the entire design and building process, the Straight Edgez Patio & Landscape Services design team will collaborate with you. We will design a unique patio that satisfies your particular requirements, landscaping, and property layout. Together, we’ll go over your options so you can choose the best options for your Louisville hardscape design. Our skilled artisans will produce a perfect size, shape, and style patio.

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Louisville Stone Firepits

For locals in the Greater Louisville region, we install custom fire pits. Your backyard will become a warm gathering place for you and your guests once you install a fire pit. Additionally, it can act as a chic focal point for your planned landscape design. Although there are many portable options, a custom fire pit is sturdy and can be created to match the design of your home, patio, garden, or other Louisville hardscape elements. Give Straight Edgez a call if you’re thinking about installing a fire pit. Our exterior specialists can create a structure that not only acts as a stunning and valuable centerpiece for your outdoor area but also increases the long-term value of your home.

Stone Firepit
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Should you leave room for your dog or children to run around in? What size lawn do you require? Is a pool a good idea? What kind of buildings or hardscapes do you want? Unfortunately, planning your landscape involves a lot of factors, and you will have to live with the results for a very long time.

Stone hardscapes are an increasingly popular garden design style that offers a more rugged and natural look reminiscent of centuries-old features like cliffs and riverbanks—paving the ground with large stones rather than turf or dirt in a stone hardscape. This creates an uneven surface that can be combined with other natural elements like plants and boulders to create an authentic outdoor feel. In addition, stone hardscapes are perfect for gardens that need more support than traditional landscapes, as they require less watering and maintenance.

To make pathways, mulch for garden beds, driveways, and more, choose from brick chips, crushed gravel, lava rock, river rock, and marble. These common landscaping rocks are widely available.

Pea Gravel
But what are the most affordable landscaping rocks? Pea gravel is the least expensive landscaping rock available. In addition, Pea gravel is a versatile landscaping rock that works well in various settings, including driveways.

Aggregates are the ideal accent stones/stones for decorating your backyard design or front yard flower bed.

Any non-living components in your landscape design are collectively referred to as hardscape. The harder design elements in your space, such as concrete, rocks, bricks, pavers, stone, and wood, are what the name implies.