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Louisville Landscaping Services for Commercial and Residential offers a superior customer experience through quality, open communication, and integrity. Pride in delivering consistently.

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We offer our best landscaping, hardscaping, and concrete services in the Greater Louisville Area.
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Louisville Landscaping Services
Landscaping Design

We specialize in designing landscapes that fit your lifestyle and budget. So whether you’re looking for something small or large, we can create a plan that works for you.

Louisville Landscaping Services

Straight Edgez’s hardscaping is a unique and innovative way to accentuate your backyard with unique and innovative designs.

Louisville Landscaping Services

Straight Edgez Concrete, a Louisville-based concrete contractor founded in 2014, has an unmatched reputation for high-quality concrete construction.

Louisville Landscaping Services and Softscapes

We can serve residential and commercial softscape needs in the Louisville Metropolitan Area, formal or cottage-style, modern or native. They can be designed to match the house’s architecture or to contrast it with contrasting plantings. They also provide a sign of the changing seasons.

Louisville Landscaping Services lawn care
Mowing & Trimming

We’ll trim, edge, and mow your grass. We’ll keep your lawn lush and healthy with fertilization, aeration, de-thatching, seeding, or autumn leaf removal.

Louisville Landscaping Services snow removal
Snow Removal

The best option for reasonably priced snow removal, snow plowing, and ice removal in Louisville is Straight Edgez.

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Full-service landscaping appears to be in high demand in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 2014, we have been actively working to develop and enhance one of our strengths. Our landscaper team puts in a lot of effort to deliver top-notch service. Call us immediately if you’re looking for a high-end landscaping company in or around Louisville, Kentucky. Among other landscaping experts, our deck-building contractors and pergola builders are prepared to begin your project.

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There is a lot of debate among homeowners as to whether or not professional landscaping services are necessary. After all, most of the work can be done by a homeowner with some simple tools and some elbow grease. However, there are a few things that professional landscapers can do for you that you can’t do yourself, including:

  • -Creating an attractive and healthy garden environment
  • -Improving traffic flow within your property
  • -Preventing damage from storms and wind

Choosing the exemplary professional landscaping service for your needs is vital if you want your landscape to look great and stay healthy for years to come. Here are some tips to help you choose the right company:

  • -Talk to friends and family who have had their landscaping done by different companies to get an idea of what they were happy with and weren’t.
  • -Check reviews online before hiring anyone. This will give you a good idea of what others have to say about the quality of work.
  • -Ask around for recommendations from people you know who have landscape design or maintenance experience. This will ensure that you get someone who has the same goals as you for your landscape and is qualified to provide the best possible service.

Is the most common kind of service that landscapers offer?

The most frequent services are lawn mowing and trimming, including spring trimming, hedging, and blowing off complex surfaces. Because not all landscaping services will provide everything, the service also depends on your contract.

How do I take care of my lawn?

When caring for your lawn, timing is essential. We’ll show you the ideal times to sow grass seed and fertilize your lawn, regardless of whether your region of the country requires cool-season grass or warm-season grass.