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A free estimate from Straight Edgez’s professional landscape company in Louisville, KY, landscape consultation typically includes an evaluation of your outdoor space and a discussion of your goals and preferences for your landscape design. We may also provide suggestions for plants, hardscaping, and other elements to include in your landscape, as well as a free estimate for the cost of implementing the design. The scope of consultation can vary depending on the services we offer, so it’s always a good idea to discuss your needs and expectations with Straight Edgez Landscaping before scheduling a landscape consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 major principles of landscape design?

The three essential principles of landscape design are unity, balance, and contrast.

  • Unity refers to the overall cohesiveness and harmony of a landscape design.
  • Balance refers to the even distribution of visual weight in a landscape design achieved through carefully placing plants and other elements.
  • Contrast refers to using opposite or contrasting elements in a landscape design, such as light and dark colors or soft and hard textures, to create interest and visual excitement.

What is the difference between a landscaper and a landscape architect?

The main difference between a landscaper and a landscape architect is the level of education and training they have received. Landscapers typically have a background in horticulture or gardening. They are responsible for implementing landscape designs, including planting and maintaining plants, installing hardscapes such as patios and walkways, and providing general lawn care.

On the other hand, landscape architects have a higher level of education and training, typically including a degree in landscape architecture from an accredited university. Landscape architects are responsible for designing outdoor spaces, including the hardscape, plants, and other elements that make up the landscape. They often work on larger, more complex projects and may be involved in the entire design process, from initial planning to final implementation.

Are landscape architects worth it?

Whether or not hiring a landscape architect depends on your specific needs and goals for your landscape design. Landscape architects have a higher level of education and training than landscapers and are skilled at designing outdoor spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. Hiring a landscape architect may be worth the cost if you have a large or complex landscape project or want to create a unique and personalized design for your outdoor space.

They can provide valuable expertise and guidance throughout the design process and help ensure that your landscape is functional and meets your needs. On the other hand, working with a landscaper may be more cost-effective if you have a small or straightforward landscape project or are on a tight budget. Generally, it’s always a good idea to carefully consider your needs and goals before deciding whether to hire a landscape architect or a landscaper for your project.

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